The extra mile

During the last years of my youth I was able enroll to multiple projects that in a way would help our community.

Bellow you will be able to see where I have volunteered:

Company Name: Organizatia Studentilor Economisti, OSE Cluj

Dates volunteered Oct 2014 – Mar 2017 

I’ve been in the Image department. The main priority was to update the content on the website, attend meetings and be part in different charitable/student projects.
Also, I’ve done more than 5 posters for different events and projects in Photoshop.

Company Name: UNTOLD

Dates volunteered : Aug 2016 

Festival is the largest annual electronic music festival held in Romania, taking place in Cluj-Napoca. Untold has been designated Best Major Festival within European Festival Awards 2015.

I was a volunteer in this major festival in the Design and Architecture team which was a branch of Logistics department. My job was to place several statues made by different artists around the festival area, garlands in the trees and around shops.
In one of the days my team coordinator delegated me a couple of his tasks where I had to work under pressure, let my colleagues know what to do, be a team player and accomplish the tasks.


Company Name: Support for Youth Development Association

Dates volunteered: 2015 

The mission of „Support for Youth Development” Association is to stimulate and sustain active, civic and responsible youth participation to the educational, social, cultural and economic environment of communities where they live in.

In this NGO I was a volunteer in two different projects. A project was internal:
– we had to inform students from Cluj county about the opportunities that exist in Cluj-Napoca/and how to stay healthy and embrace what the country side can provide;
– here I had to do tasks like driving, coordinating the team, handling the logistics and hold the session.

and the other project was an Erasmus+ project:
– I had to provide anything that was needed for our attendees (materials, transport etc.)