About Me / a.k.a. my CV

Experienced Application Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the furniture industry. Skilled in Salesforce.com Development, Microsoft Word, Communication, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Management. Strong information technology professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Economics and Computer Science from Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB – Cluj-Napoca.



@ Steelcase

Title: Engineer, Applications

Full-time: Nov 2018 – Present

Salesforce CRM:
– developed new features
– created new environments for other teams that began using Salesforce
– automated processes

– team leader for our team when it comes to tableau specific tasks
– created different dashboards using our Salesforce data
– provide access to our users on tableau server.see less

Title: Engineer, Applications Support

Full-time: Jun 2017 – Nov 2018

Salesforce CRM:
I’ve done administrative tasks like:
– User administration
– Reports/dashboards creation
– DataBase Clean-Up

– Used different reports to clean-up our database
– Added linkage between our customer records

– solving our channel/sales requests by updating our dealer records
– I was the contact person for our dealer requests in EMEA

Volunteer in EEX committee


Title: Supervisor

Contract: Jul 2019 – Present

Besides the tasks stated while I was a Supervisor at Neversea and that Untold is a much bigger festival, my role here was a bit different. I had to collaborate more with the Security team and the Flux team so that we would have a proper flow of people entering/exiting the festival area.

Title: Coordinator

Contract: Aug 2018 – Jul 2019

Coordinating the access team of volunteers in order to have a proper flow.
Handling ad-hoc situations/problems that appeared during the festival.
Understanding our volunteers needs and help them have a great experience.

Title: Assistant Coordinator

Contract: Aug 2017 – Jul 2018

My second year of UNTOLD was in the access department. We (me and my colleagues) had to take care of more than 100 volunteers each day.
The scanners had to work accordingly, if not, we had to fix them.
This role was not only about working hard and in long shifts – up to 12h/day, but also about networking with volunteers, colleagues and other different people from around the festival area.

@ Neversea (UNTOLD)

Title: Supervisor

Contract: May 2019 – Present

In this role I had the following tasks:
– form a team of coordinators.
– create the schedule for each sub teams – taking into consideration different needs
– provide the necessary logistics
– solve escalated problems/ escalate the situations to the command department.
– provide training for our volunteers and coordinators.see less

Title: Assistant Coordinator

Contract: Jun 2018 – May 2019

Neversea is the second largest festival in Romania (a child of UNTOLD).
During this festival time I was in charge of a specific gate and I had to provide support to our volunteers in problematic situations. Also, when needed, I had to escalate these problems to my coordinator.


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB – Cluj-Napoca

  • Degree Name: Master’s degree
  • Field Of Study: E-Business
  • Dates attended or expected graduation:  – 

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB – Cluj-Napoca

  • Degree Name: Bachelor’s degree
  • Field Of Study: Economics and Computer Science
  • Dates attended or expected graduation:  – 

I have studied: Python, Prolog, MongoDB, JAVA, .NET/C#, Software Engineering, PHP, Algorithms and Data Structures, Networking, Graphics, Operating Systems, Database, Marketing, Accountancy, Economy etc.

National College “Decebal”, Deva, Hunedoara

  • Degree Name: High School Diploma
  • Field Of Study: Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Dates attended or expected graduation:  – 

Activities and Societies: I was in my High-school’s basketball and volleyball team.

Having a sciences profile, I have studied the following main disciplines: Pascal, Mathematics, SQL – Oracle, Physics, Chemistry.